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Common Falsehoods of Predatory Creationism

Pseudo scientists that promote creationism are predators and their prey is the gullible, the religious person, the low information inquirer. Learn the truth about the high-sounding but false argument of predatory creationists. Continue reading

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Life After Death, The Near Death Experience and Easter

The Easter message of truth – For many years, I preached a special Easter sermon that had people wowed, on their feet, and full of joy. I meant it, too. I thought there was nothing more important than our faith…. Continue reading

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Press Report Exposes The Horrors of Scientology

The demons of the murderous multilevel marketing scheme known as the cult of Scientology gets exposed by the mainstream press for a change. Scientology: The truth rundown | St. Petersburg Times – better read it before the ultra-wealthy cult … Continue reading Continue reading

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A Secret Jihad Against Science

The secrets of the jihad against science, backdoor methods aimed at getting religion taught in the context of scientific education. Continue reading

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