The Reality Hackers Network is a collection of theologians, philosophers, con men, hoaxers, advertising and publicity agents – who better to tell you when the world is lying its ass off to you?

We like to say that we hack reality so you don’t have to… put another way, people who lie for a living sometimes develop a conscience and decide that they need to find an anonymous way to tell the truth.

This is it.

Story writers, contributors wanted: If you think you can write and you’re interested in spreading truth to counter the rampant ignorance in society, we may want to talk to you.

We need someone to assist in posting links to news stories who can also comment on those stories in an entertaining manner. There’s no money in this site, but you get a certain amount of status as a writer and a feeling of satisfaction from fighting against the monolithic power of ignorance. Use the suggest a story form in you are interested.

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