Mississippi Undermines Scientific Literacy, Again

Our semi-sentient friends over at the Christian Post have posted a story about how the Mississippi state legislature is working on putting a disclaimer in scientific textbooks. It’s the same old crap, “evolution is just a theory.”

They fail to understand what the word ‘theory’ means in science – they think it is just some idle speculation. Or, at least they want to think that.

As we have pointed out, evolution is not only FACT but is also accepted as such by the vast majority of religious people from The Pope on down. The only exceptions are the American fundamentalist extremists who can’t stand even the slightest scrutiny applied to their ridiculous literal interpretations of scripture.

Personally, I’d be just as happy to see Mississippi secede and become a little third world, impoverished banana republic. If they would just leave the rest of us alone.

You can read the disclaimer information at the Story link. (Ignorance On Parade Warning) NSFH (Not Safe For Humans)

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