Christ or Antichrist Gets A Divorce

I wrote about this contemporary Jesus a year or more ago.  I guess since then things have gone downhill for him and now Jesus’ wife wants a divorce..and the church assets.

Now, the interesting thing is not that he claimed to be Christ (or the Antichrist as the case may be) but the fact that people believed him and followed him.  This proving that there is no supernatural claim that is so stupid and ridiculous that nobody would believe you.

Self-proclaimed Antichrist loses bid in divorce court to protect church assets.

“Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, who gained international notoriety by declaring himself first to be Jesus Christ, then the Antichrist, roundly lost his divorce court bid to protect his church from financial claims by his most recent ex-wife.”

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  1. rocky says:

    Money, the mother’s milk of religion.

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