First Jesus Sighting of 2009

Since there are still thousands of children starving to death every day, you just KNEW Jesus had to be busy with something really important. Indeed, appearing in some woman’s kitchen tiles appears to be God the Son’s top priority!

Finding Christ in the kitchen

“Antonia Baker saw the image in the floor of her Lakes home for the first time three years ago during the Christmas season while she was recovering from surgery for an eye injury. Doctors said she had to keep her head down to allow her retina to heal. She wasn’t allowed to read or use the computer, so she had to stare at the floor for three weeks.”

Okay, sure… Jesus is on the woman’s floor… and he can’t get up! Look, if Jesus Christ is/was truly the Son of God, as opposed to just a story or some poor self-deluded fellow, you’d expect some sort of evidence for that, wouldn’t you?? WELL… here you go!

It’s the best you’re ever going to get, so enjoy it.

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One Response to First Jesus Sighting of 2009

  1. rocky says:

    Makes me wonder if she was on all fours from Delirious tremors or delirious jesus.
    As for the government lying…it is an art form, you should know that. hahaha

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