Religion and Fascism Roots

This story goes back a ways, but it is an important reminder of just how easily most people are lead …often resulting in disastrous consequences: Ron Jones The Wave

“When a social studies student asked about the German public’s responsibility for the rise of the Third Reich, Jones decided to try and simulate what happened in Germany by having his students “basically follow instructions” for a day.

“But one day turned into five, and what happened by the end of the school week spawned several documentaries, studies and related social experiments illuminating a dark side of human nature – and a major weakness in public education.”

Ultimately, the roots of fascism and religion are the same: It begins with the idea that “it can’t happen here,” and “they must be telling the truth because look at what they’ve sacrified…” It is facilitated the the authority figure whether pastor or political leader who is willing to say with false confidence, “I have the answers” – and it ends with the enslavement of the human mind.

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2 Responses to Religion and Fascism Roots

  1. rocky says:

    Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts.

  2. Della says:

    Glad I’ve finally found soenihtmg I agree with!

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