Miraculous Messages at Big Lots

Yet another reason why God is too busy to save starving children, sick babies, etc: toy’s message hits home with widow

Gail Cotter lost her husband to cancer a year ago during the holiday season. So this Christmas has been hard for her.

But recently while shopping with her daughter, Michelle Olszewski, for presents for the grandchildren, she picked up one of those draw-and-erase boards that kids can doodle on. She noticed something printed on the screen.
“I love you Gail.”

Messages from God on toys… well, at least it’s different from the usual Jesus on a Napkin Stain story. But as soon as He gets done with all His low-brow “miracles,” God is going to get around to those dying kids…hones

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2 Responses to Miraculous Messages at Big Lots

  1. L says:

    To be fair, they don’t appear to be the typical “Jesus-appeared-in-my-grilled-cheese” folks.

    “They swear neither of them wrote the message to comfort the other, yet they believe there’s a perfectly earthbound explanation of how it got on the screen. The true miracle, they say, is that Gail found it when she needed it most.”

  2. rocky says:

    People see what they wish to see. Those that are blinded by superstition and confidence men/women are subjected to disillusionment.
    What confounds me is the way intelligent people and reporters [ difference noted] pass this tripe along as though it is true and necessary.

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