Common Falsehoods of Predatory Creationism

As a former crazy fundamentalist religionist, I’ve always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt. We all have strong reasons for clinging to our beliefs, after all, and one can understand why an individual might grasp at the proverbial straw in order to hang on to a cherished though false belief.

There is probably no reason to extend such a courtesy to professional pseudo-science religionists, though. Especially if they have any scientific training, because they know better. The people who know better but deliberately mislead as part of their religious career are hypocrites and worse; they are predators.

Professional creationists prey upon the gullible, the ill informed and the desperately religious. They are the reason America is slowly slipping into third world status: They don’t have these silly arguments in more advanced countries. And without a proper understanding of science, America’s youth is basically doomed to life of servitude, permanently indentured to those who DO understand science and how to use it. Just thinking about the damage caused by these predators makes me angry.

The pseudo-scientists creationists don’t really care about facts – they care about making money. “Learn how to defeat evolutionists, get my latest book” – that sort of thing.

On a personal note, I’m really tired of hearing the same high-sounding but totally fake arguments like “irreducible complexity” (doesn’t exist) or “evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics” (if they ever read that law, they would realize that it describes the behavior of matter in a closed system without any outside energy input. We live on the EARTH and have lots of energy input from the sun).

I suggest a reading of creationism’s false arguments, which elaborates on some of the more common predatory deceptions by professional myth-promulgators.

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