Every show has to have a Halloween episode – this is mine. Mine isn’t funny and it is only scary if you think that human stupidity will kill us all. It might be more informative, however.

Ghosts stories are a popular form of entertainment and Halloween is the official day for such stuff, so we might as well talk about it. If you look at things from a rational, analytical point of view, there’s nothing to any of the stories of the supernatural that people like to tell. Ghost stories, UFO abductions, angels, fairies and Jesus – it’s all the same: Stories that help people feel like there is something bigger to life than just our brief moments of existence here on earth – but completely lacking in reality. – Scientifically Haunted House Suggests You’re a Sucker.

To test whether it’s possible to artificially induce paranormal experiences — or, from a different perspective, to technologically summon a spirit — researchers at London’s Goldsmith College and architect Usman Haque designed a scientifically haunted room.

I enjoy a good story but I’m disgusted by the wide-eyed credulity with which alleged NEWS programs report on hauntings and spooky stuff at this time of year. Come on, people, at the very least I would say that lying to your audience makes calling yourself “news” a bit of false advertising.

Let’s make this clear – how you feel about things is not evidence for those things. Feelings are generated internally and can be triggered my many things including your expectations. From the article, “People tend to think about what they’re told to. Asked to track strange feelings, they started noticing them. And the participants’ response rates indeed followed what’s predicted by models of suggestible behavior.”

If you missed that, I will reiterate; people experience hauntings at the rate predicted by scientific models of behavior. Which means, there’s nothing to it – it really IS just you.

It reminds me of the boredom of my youth… I remember as a young teen picking up a random ceramic jar with a cracked lid. It was a recent acquisition from my aunt Marcella. Nothing to it, but I just started telling a story how it was supposed to be cursed so you really couldn’t open it without bad things happening to you. That was how my aunt died, I said. …Well, I guess I told the story well because I couldn’t talk any of my friends into opening it.

We need to grow up. Remember Kiri-it-tha’s first law of metaphysics: That which is unreal does not exist.

Whatever we choose to call “the supernatural” is nothing more than cognitive dissonance as far as anyone can tell and by its own definition, the supernatural does not exist. Yes, I know we’d all like to feel that there is something more out there. Living in a universe that is just a physical realm where things exist for a while and then cease to exist doesn’t seem like much fun or particularly edifying but it is reality.

That which is unreal does not exist.

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