Another Young Person Dies For Religion

I’ve mostly given up on doing these stories because they are so depressing. If you really want to read about innocent kids killed for Christ, though, you don’t have to look that hard: On a very regular basis you’ll find some story about a poor kid who died of a treatable illness because his/her religious fanatic parents believed that Jesus would heal their child. And of course, they were wrong as usual. Hey you know, there’s a reason medicine was invented.

Before the modern age of antibiotics and vaccinations, people didn’t have much better than a 50/50 chance of making it from birth to adulthood. What, you think they were just all heathens or God would have healed them?? My, you ARE delusional. Religious fanatics have always been a dime a dozen.

Well, we had a similar case to this one in my home state. They convicted one of the parents of a lesser charge but then jurors complained they were misled into thinking this would teach them a lesson so they’d never do it again (it didn’t).

In the case cite here, the parents probably don’t have anything to worry about because they live in one of many states where there is a religious exemption to homicide laws: You’re allowed to kill your kids as long as you say Jesus told you to do it. Questions still linger over Carlton boy’s death.

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