Intelligent Design Wrong Again

I know, like this is news? Intelligent Design aka creationism has always functioned at the edge of knowledge. It exists to say… “Oh, you don’t understand how this particular thing works. Well then, it must be GOD!!!” It’s a simple formula, really; one answer for every question. Its only problem is that those questions tend to get answered eventually. So now ID/creationism retreats yet again…. More ‘Evidence’ of Intelligent Design Shot Down by Science.

Intelligent design mavens once cited flagella as evidence of their theory. Scientific fact dispelled that illusion. The mitochondria study does the same for protein transport.

“This analysis of protein transport provides a blueprint for the evolution of cellular machinery in general,” write the researchers, led by molecular biologist Trevor Lithgow at Australia’s Monash University. “The complexity of these machines is not irreducible.”

Yes, I realize that facts never get in the way of a good creationist story but we have to keep repeating the facts ANYWAY in hopes that they will sink-in with those who value truth over creative fiction.

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