Christian Values in REAL Life, Part #$&*

As we’ve mentioned before, when is the last time you ever saw an avowed atheist charged with something really horrible, hmm? It must happen sometimes but usually it’s Christians and the more devout and crazily religious they are, the worse their crimes: Evangelist guilty of taking minors across state lines for sex.

Why is that? Well, as a former religious nut myself, I can tell you that there seems to be a lot of license involved in Christianity. Among fundamentalist pastors, it seems like everyone was porking everyone elses’ wives ..and no, I’m not exempting myself from the debauchery.

There is a general concept from Calvinism that God chose you, and therefore as a chosen one whatever you do will be forgiven and blessed. King David is often cited as an example of this. So then Jesus’ sacrifice has turned into permission to do whatever crazy shit comes into your head. It must be okay, after all, because God picked you over so many other people to be His special chosen child. And remember, it’s a blessing on whatever YOU do; you still get to sit in judgment of everyone else, especially non Christians. That whole judgment thing is the reward for being chosen.

It happens all the time. And as a matter of objective statistics, Christians are more likely than non-religious people to be arrested for spousal abuse, get divorced or murder a family member. The more religious a person is, the more likely they are to approve of war and torture as counterintuitive as that might seem. Or mabye it isn’t contraintuitive, it’s just contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

I think this all flows from a sense of moral superiority one acquires from believing that one has a unique insight into the true will of God and that one has God’s ear for ones prayers. What should be humbling becomes enabling.

Now whatever you think must be right because God is in you and your thoughts must be His thoughts.

There are and continue to be non-judgmental movements within Christianity but they haven’t seemed to be able to take hold for the last 2000 years. After all, taking the judging others and the sense of moral superiority out of Christianity takes all the fun out of being a Christian!

Clearly the average Christian – and in this case the average big-name EVANGELIST – doesn’t know jack shit about what Jesus actually taught and stood for. If they did they wouldn’t going off 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

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