The Standards of Miracles Keeps Getting Lower

Having failed to justify their beliefs any OTHER way, true believers point to miracles as proof of the myths they worship. It’s funny that we can’t seem to come up with ONE….not a single ONE of someone coming back from the dead, or some poor guy who got his legs blown off by a landmine having new legs miraculously materialize. Those would look like real miracles to just about everyone.

Nope, instead we get something to the effect of “oh he was really bad off, but not as sick as the doctors thought he MIGHT there you go, it’s a miracle from God. Catholics investigating possible miracle in New Jersey.

Carmelite Sisters superior general Mother Mark Louis Randall says the possible miracle involves a family who prayed to McCrory after their unborn child was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality. Randall says the defect was not present in the degree it had been expected when the child was born.

I must ask believers… have you no shame? Believe what you want because it makes you feel good about yourself. Fine. But please stop the idiocy. You are an embarrassment to the human race.

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