God’s Miracles Continued…

It’s been too long since we had any of these delightful stories, so here we go! … Woman: ‘GOD’ Spelled Out In Salami. Yes… or ..um…”GOO” ..take your pick. Clearly this is a great and mighty miracle (or the closest thing YOU’LL ever see!)

But wait, there’s more… Diners report seeing Virgin Mary in food griddle …aka South Of The Border pareidolia — Because there is no barrier to ignorance and/or wide-eyed superstition.

As we have said before, these stories offer the BEST POSSIBLE EXPLANATION as to why a supposedly loving God never bothers to do anything about the 25,000 children who starve to death every single day: He’s just too damn busy! Jesus H.W. Christ, do you expect him to be everywhere or something? Appearing in salami is clearly the most important miracle the Big Guy can pull off.

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