Convert or Die, God’s Army Commands

The question I would ask Christians is this, is a conversion at the point of a gun a legitimate conversion? Has Jesus told you to go out and slaughter people you have decided are unbelievers, sparing their lives only if they convert to Christianity? Is that REALLY what your God is all about? As the pastor prays, “I pray that you would give them the ability to exterminate the enemy and to accomplish the task that they’re been sent forth by God and country to do. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen,” remember he is doing this in YOUR name and God’s name. If you have a conscience, you should be horrified: Military Deeply Involved in Christian Reality Television Show

But it’s the military chaplains who have been criticized for allegedly force-feeding soldiers a form of fundamentalist Christianity originating from highly controversial, apocalyptic “End Times” evangelists and their mega-churches.

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