Church Attendance Dictates Views on Torture

First of all, it must be pointed out that torture is a war crime. It is totally 100 percent ILLEGAL everywhere on EARTH. As a serious and horrific crime, it ranks second only to genocide. But thanks to entertainment programs that postulate unrealistic scenarios where torture is somehow GOOD, about half of Americans think there might be times when it is okay to commit war crimes – according to the most recent Pew poll.

The most telling element, however, is that Catholics and evangelical Christians are the sub groups MOST LIKELY to love torture. Hard to believe, but it is the church-goers themselves who have told us this. Mmmm……Jesus just LOVES torturing people (apparently).

Catholics are the biggest lovers of war crimes, and those who attend services at LEAST monthly are the most likely to salivate over the prospect of hurting people.

You can read the breakdown of numbers here: Pew Poll:The Religious Dimensions of the Torture Debate.

So what does this tell us? Well, evangelical Christians and Catholics may be unusually ignorant about torture and its victims. Or perhaps Catholics and evangelical Christians are particularly ignorant of the law. Maybe members of these religious groups know the law but have utter disrespect for it. OR, finally, evangelical Christians and Catholics may have a strong sadistic streak in their religion. Take your pick.

Whatever else you derive from this information, know that it is not outsiders attacking religion! What we have here, is a case of Christians condemning themselves.

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  1. rocky says:

    Water boarding is straight out of the Spanish Inquisition. And the Vatican endorsed Hitler and his methods of torture. So is it any wonder that Christians are in love with torture and genocide? When alone I find Christians don’t give a fuck about Dufar, Zimbabwe, or any Muslim country. I freely admit I despise all, every, and collectively all religions…well maybe Zeus and his gang were OK.

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