End of Christian Supremacy? …What?

I wonder sometimes what planet some other writers are living on, or perhaps it is just that they never studied history … or paid attention in school.

Lately, I have been seeing many articles talking about the “decline of the Christian right,” “the end of Christan supremacy in America,” blah blah… it’s a mix of stats and wishful thinking, perhaps, and it is also the most dangerous trend we face.

First of all, it’s important to remember that these things always wax and wane within a relatively narrow range.

Second, the evil truth behind oft-quoted statistics is that while denominations are losing ground, mega-churches – often with extremist ideology – are doing just fine.

Third, numbers don’t mean a lot. We have read that the Taliban in Afghanistan never numbered more than 20% of the population. Yet they managed to turn their nation into a 14th century theocratic nightmare state.

The lesson here is that fanaticism counts more than numbers. And my general sense is that while general purpose Christians are shrinking (thanks in no small measure to how extremists have made the Christian brand an ugly thing) the extremists are only getting more extreme, and that bodes ill for everyone.

For instance, I’ve heard talk lately that there is a debate about whether “good” Christian women should be covering themselves in order to avoid inflaming the passions of men. Say hello to the burka, sisters. It’s only a matter of time.

Finally, these hand-wringing articles really amount to a call to arms for radical Christians. Like the dinner bell at the zoo, radical Christian extremists will go into attack mode and as the Afghanistan model shows, they only need a relative handful of highly-committed radicals to turn America into an oppressive theocracy.

My bottom line is, when you read articles like this: The End of Christian America | Newsweek.com
Don’t believe them…

And be afraid.

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