The Source of Morality

Here is an article discussing the source of morality for atheists and others who might reject old-line, fear-based religions: Do Atheists Get Their Morals From the Bible?
Many believers argue that atheists really can’t have any morals, since all morals come from the Bible in their view. The fact that moral codes predate the Bible usually doesn’t enter the discussion. Certainly we wouldn’t want to bring up the fact that much of the great moral code of the Bible contains, 1) Many rather immoral things such as slavery and the right to murder your own children if they disobey you, and 2) The fact that the 10 commandments parrots much older writings. But that aside…

The unspoken and rather obvious point is that morality is an instinct. It competes with other instincts, of course, so that is why morality is always relative (and nowhere more so than in the Bible). Nevertheless morality is as genetic and hard-coded as the mother cat who knows to care for her kittens or the worker bee that feeds the growing larvae. In fact, it is exactly the same.

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