Oppressed Religion?

Christians are fond of calling themselves an oppressed minority. It’s part of religion in general; it enforces the group-think. In order to keep people in line, you have to remind them how everyone else is out to get them. But who is really oppressed here?

Cenk Uygur: The Silent Minority

“There is a minority group in America that is a bigger percentage of the country than blacks or Hispanics. But they are often ignored or derided in public. Almost no politician would ever admit to being one. And they are given no voice in the public arena. ..the non-religious.”

In addition to enforcing group-think, religion also needs to view itself as being under siege to stifle criticism and prevent its members from seriously considering any contradictory information.

In other words, just believe what we tell you because everyone else is out to destroy you. Science? Oh, it might SEEM like it is only investigating and documenting natural phenomena, but the fact that such evidence contradicts religious explanations is proof that science is really out to get us. So now just investigation of evidence and even nature itself is out to get the poor believers. And so it goes….

The non-religious people aren’t trying to enforce group-think or prevent rational investigation so they don’t complain enough about being the real oppressed group, which is what they are.

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