Another Pastor Predicts Disaster …Yawn

Not getting enough attention lately, David Wilkerson predicts world-shattering catastrophe.. again.  Famed pastor predicts imminent catastrophe

Let’s see… according to my notes of predictions from the old blog, all these religious leaders are still batting a big fat ZERO with their predictions from God. By now, we should have all died in a nuclear war AND been wiped out by giant tsunamis and a meteor (all according to information provided to these holy men by GOD, of course). So they tell us. Apparently, God is a total failure when it comes to predicting the future. Or know, it could be that these religious leaders are a bunch of thieving, lying-ass crooks! One or the other…

But it’s a game that’s easy enough to play: Keep predicting disasters. Your past failed predictions are always forgotten and forgiven. That’s just the way it is with true believers. ….Eventually something will happen. It doesn’t have to be something you specifically predicted for this year, it just has to be big – so you can say, “See I predicted a major disaster, God has spoken through me!”

And then all the true believers will flock to you, call you a prophet of God and shower you with wealth. Face it, folks, that’s the ONLY reason these guys do this.

It’s like playing the lottery for these religious scamsters. But the prize is bigger than any Powerball jackpot you could imagine: They’re playing for control of millions of believers. These guys are already fabulously wealthy; they’re playing for the grand prize of being Jesus’ personal spokesperson on Earth.  Eventually, one of them will win, too. Because something always happens – it’s a matter of odds.

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  1. rocky says:

    Drum roll please….The foolish are wising up. Churches are is a decline and those that are becoming non-believers are gaining in popularity.Here is a link,can you fix..

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