Why Jesus Doesn’t Have time For REAL Problems

Jesus on a rock, again explaining why he doesn’t have any time in his schedule for starving children and sick people. No further comment should be necessary but you’ll see true believers in the comment section of this story: Jesus in Rock: Alabama Woman Sees Image of Jesus in Rock

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA – Shirley Maples of Madison County rides along Keel Mountain Road every day. But one day, while making this routine trip, she noticed something out of the ordinary. She says she spotted an image of Jesus Christ in a rock along the side of the road.

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One Response to Why Jesus Doesn’t Have time For REAL Problems

  1. rocky says:

    Today’s news is about the Crystal Cathedral suicide victim. Rev shuller’s house of shame is mired in debt and now a man commits suicide while a Canadian group were being told of shuller’s suicide prevention services.
    Maybe the blood on the cross will depict a sign of jesus.

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