More Church Sex Scandals

Another big church pastor bites the dust, more sexual impurity, more defenses by the church flock of their own moral failings: Willow Creek Chicago pastor resigns, admits to ‘sexual impurity’

  Let’s stick to the basic reality, here: Big religion is probably the easiest way for hucksters to make a fast buck off of gullible people. Therefore, it attracts amoral people. That’s the simple bottom line. Especially in big churches, you’re going to get semi-criminals who are interested only in fleecing the flock and are willing to pretend to care about Jesus in order to do it.

You’d be much better off just ASSUMING that your pastor is a cheesy used car salesman interested only in separating you from your money rather than thinking he’s a spokesperson for God.

As a scam, big religion works flawlessly, unfailingly. I confess, even I am tempted sometimes; it’s such easy money and since I know how the scam works I could be a millionaire preacher right now. Only my own personal values restrain me. But I digress…

Church people rush to the defense of the pastor!

“Pastor Wu is like all of us, a sinner. He, too, can find forgiveness for his sin, just like King David of the Old Testament did. Pastor Wu knows the way, and he was very courageous and should be commended for confessing his sin.”

No, that’s where you make a liar out of yourself. I know! You claim to have BEEN sinners, who have been transformed by Christ. You use this alleged transformation to claim the authority to sit in judgment of others. That’s a fact and you know it.

Pick a side: if you claim to different than the rest of us because of your religiosity, if you claim some magical transformation, then you need to prove it by actually being better people.
   If you are going to turn around and excuse acting this way by now saying you’re no different than all the rest of us, then get the hell off your moral high-horse and stop judging others!

 If this were some atheist-godless-liberal instead of a church pastor you’d be saying, “See, that proves that those people hate America and family values. They need Jesus. That would make it so this stuff wouldn’t happen.”

And you know that you’d do that, so stop lying to yourself and others about it. That, my friends, is the hypocrisy of religion.

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