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I find dreams to be entertaining but some people see them as messages from some supernatural realm. American are high on the dream/vision list – but that should come as no surprise since we’ve already seen that the average American already has more in common with  Iran than any other first world country.

So to many Americans, dreams are  full of meaning …even though, in typical schizophrenic fashion, they know they can’t rely on them as predictors of future events: Most People Believe Dreams Are Meaningful

“In other words, people attribute meaning to dreams when it corresponds with their pre-existing beliefs and desires … people who believe in God were likely to consider any dream in which God spoke to them to be meaningful; agnostics, however, considered dreams in which God spoke to be more meaningful when God commanded them to take a pleasant vacation than when God commanded them to engage in self-sacrifice. …Most people understand that dreams are unlikely to predict the future but that doesn’t prevent them from finding meaning in their dreams, whether their contents are mundane or bizarre.”

It’s like classical Christianity, then: God is in charge…except when he isn’t. He gets credit for anything good that happens but the bad stuff has to be put on something/someone else – free will, Satan, anything.

This is part of how we get the idea that dreams somehow predict things: When we dream of dramatic things that don’t happen (99 percent of the time), we forget about the dream. On the rare occasion when we dream about some weird event that later takes place (the time frame doesn’t matter much) we think, ‘OH, I had a dream about that! I must have been predicting it!‘ …Except…not.

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