Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man

The used car business is known as a gathering place for crooks and liars so why not have Jesus help you clean up your image? Yep, just back from appearing on a creamcheese danish, the J-man is now hawking used cars in Florida: Image at Dade City car dealership is Jesus, some say.

Now as regular readers know, I have often mused on the plight of poor Jesus. After all, we keep him so busy performing low-rent miracles like appearing on toast and driveway stains, it’s no wonder he doesn’t have time to save the 25,000 children who starve to death every day. And yet people like me give him crap for that. The J-ster has to have his priorities, you know!

So get used to the starving kids and all the other suffering in the world; God has his calender filled up with dubious “appearances” all over the world.

And by the way, it’s no better for God’s mom! She doesn’t have time for dying babies, sick moms, suffering teens or anything like that- she’s got yet another “appearance” to do – and she’s booked  solid: ‘Miracle’ in ice? Virgin Mary seen in Plymouth ice formation.

Scoff if you must but it’s no stupider than some of the things you believe in (in all probability).

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