The Reverend and The Church Boy

Our old friend Ted Haggard makes a return appearance in our Hypocrisy on Parade category. For those who missed this discussion on the old web site, Haggard was a leader in the evangelical community and pastor of the New Life Church, a giant-ass megachurch in Colorado, until a gay prostitute admitted to having sex with Рand selling meth to  Рthe great Reverend Haggard.

Haggard denied most of it, admitting to a single “inappropriate contact.” Oh, and he admitted to buying the Meth but he said he never actually used it … and that must be true because Ted is a Christian and Christians don’t lie.

So anyway, that little episode cost the publicly anti-gay Haggard his mega-church leadership position as well as his position as head of an Evangelical group. But recently he’s been making a bit of a comeback.

Perhaps the new leader of Haggard’s old church now fears being upstaged; Haggard’s return appearances (including an HBO deal) have caused the pastor of New Life Church, Brady Boyd, to reveal that there was a lot more going on than a gay prostitute: Haggard’s little foray into “The Gay” included a long-term relationship with a young male church member…
New Ted Haggard Sex Scandal Revealed The Reverend Boyd says:

…”overwhelming pool of evidence” pointed to an “inappropriate, consensual sexual relationship” that “went on for a long period of time … it wasn’t a one-time act.”

Now you know Reverend Boyd must be telling the truth too, because he is also a Christian and Christians don’t lie. So where does that leave Teddy’s story? How can both of these stories be true? …You must accept it by faith…

We report, you decide.

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  1. rocky says:

    Maybe Teddy boy can perform a miracle for Sam, the scam Adams. In payment he could gets Sam’ blessing and Breedlove. In Portland nothing is too bizarre.

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